Climate Talks @ GROW

The UN Climate Negotiations in Durban, SA November 28 through December 9
UNFCCC – COP17 Conference of the Parties
Resuming @ 10 AM Durban Time


Two short videos
Update: Where we stand now.

Panel: The Culture of Climate Change: Global, Regional, National and Local

Tom Athanasiou of ecoequity think tank Results of Talks, and Moving Forward
Clare Greensfelder, Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change) just back from Durban; Indigenous Worldview and Durban
Doug Grandt, Al Gore Lessons from TarSandsAction in Climate activism
Zhenya Spake TMV Climate Change in Your Backyard
Norman Solomon environmental activist and candidate for Cong. Lynn woolseys seat:The US and Climate Change – My environmental agenda Congressional Candidate Norm Solomon

Tom Athanasiou is the author of Divided Planet: the Ecology of Rich and Poor, the director of the activist think-tank EcoEquity, a member of the Greenhouse Development Rights author’s group, and an expert on the politics of international climate justice. He has been intimately involved with the global climate negotiations for over ten years._

Claire Greensfelder of Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change) just back from Durban. a former Nuclear Free Future Campaign director for Greenpeace USA and a lifelong peace, ecology and justice activist, writer, editor and radio journalist who collaborated with Congresswoman Barbara Lee to create the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center for Nonviolence, Equality, Youth and Ecology in Oakland California. Her collection of pictures of Indigenous Voices has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute.

Doug Grandt representing Al Gore’s Climate Project and has given the presentation in numerous California locations. Most recently, he has been active in the Tarsans Action movement and was one of the 1700 people who went to DC to be arrested outsdide the Whitehouse in a bid to pressure Pres. Obama to say no to the TarSands Pipeline. On a political note, the Pres. this week announced he would veto any attempt by the Republicans to include allowing the pipeline construction to proceed in legislation to continue tax breaks on middle class families.

Zhenya Spake. Climate Change in your backyard. Permaculturist and environmental activist. A founding member of TMV which has been working in the community since 2009 to build awarenss and resilience to deal with climate change, peak oil and the design of a sustainable local. economy. TMV hosted a fabulous event this fall at the Throckmorton “Under One Sky: Climate Change and Your Backyard” a panel discussion which included John Wick, co-Founder of the Marin Carbon Project. Helge Hellberg, radio host of “An Organic Conversation” and Raven Gray, leader of the Transition Town movement in Britain and co-founder of Transition US

Norman Solomon Environmental activist since the 1970s, co-author of the landmark 1982 book “Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Radiation,” founder and for 13 years executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy which has been working on climate change issues since 1998, co-chair of the Commission on a Green New Deal for the North Bay, and currently an independent progressive Democratic candidate for Congress, running for Lynn Woolsey’s seat in CA-2.


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deepcarbon – an interactive tribunal

become a carbon detective.

delve into the history of climate.

determine fact v. fiction.

carve out your own carbon space.

justify it.

then play.

“The world warmed by about 0.7°C in the 20th century. Every year in this century has been warmer than all but one in the last (1998, since you ask). If carbon-dioxide levels were magically to stabilise where they are now (almost 390 parts per million, 40% more than before the industrial revolution) the world would probably warm by a further half a degree or so as the ocean, which is slow to change its temperature, caught up. But CO2 levels continue to rise. Despite 20 years of climate negotiation, the world is still on an emissions trajectory that fits pretty easily into the “business as usual” scenarios drawn up by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

co2space is a six week course, which pits climate change skeptics against climate change advocates in a deep immersion into the history of climate.

Journey back in time to identify Planet Earth’s  many climate cycles.  Examine the emergence of the contemporary ‘theory’ of global warming and the science of climate change. Define the major players — big business, lobbyists, governments, media, ngos, indigenous peoples, women — and determine their motivators.   Evaluate the effectiveness of the current  UNFCCC system to address climate insecurity. Synthesize a solution which combines such variables as Life Cycle Assessment, Peak Oil, Localization, REDD, climate justice, carbon debt, and the economics and development rights of carbon space.

Throughout the project, participants work in small groups assignments, playing rotating roles over the course of the tribunal:

  • Climate Deniers (CDs)
  • Climate Change Advocates (CCs)
  • Climate Neutral officiator (CN).
  • Climate Jurists (CJ)

deepcarbon is available in three versions: beginners, intermediates and experts. Experts are tasked with designing and defending a viable alternative system to the current UNFCCC’s Council of the Parties to effectively and directly deal with climate change and all its ramifications.

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